About Us

When Mark told his friend Martin that he’d discovered that his new home used to be a famous Pyclet and Oatcake bakery, little did he realise that a casual pub conversation would turn into a mission to resurrect and reinvent one of Derbyshires’ greatest food traditions.

Pyclets are flat crumpets, made with milk from Duffield Dairy and baked on griddles. Enjoy toasted with butter or jam, and try pyclets with fresh herbs for tremendous cheese on toast or as a base for eggs or pate. Oatcakes are pancakes made from oat and whole-meal flours, which make filling and delicious wraps when warmed in a dry frying pan and filled with bacon and eggs, or tuna and salad.

We have opened a new Pyclet and Oatcake bakery and cafĂ© in Derby’s glorious Victorian Market Hall, just yards from the spot where they were sold for generations.

Perch on a stool at the bakery counter and enjoy the great tasting, fresh food and drinks from our menu or order hot food or pack of pyclets and oatcakes to take away . Gluten free pyclets can be made to order, which are great to freeze. Home made jams or pickles are available in jars for your larder.

We can feed from 50 to 300 people at an event. We happily pop up in any room or garden, and over two hours dispense freshly cooked pyclets with toppings to tempt guests of all ages. Ideal for parties or weddings where guests need a bit of food to soak up the booze.