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I remember childhood Sundays at Grandmas'.
Sitting round their old gas fire, with toasting forks,
grilling Derby Pyclets.

Singed fingers and buttery chins.

Bacon and egg filled Oatcakes, rustled up by Dad,
our treat after weekend walks, or trips to the swimming baths.

HP sauce a must.

Toasted pyclets drizzled with honey or smothered in strawberry jam.
A sure cure for grazed little knees.

Mums' honey and clove baked ham, in thick slices, with melted Red Leicester in folded oatcakes.
Consolation when the Rams didn't play so well.

But childhoods pass, and times change.

So we've given a modern twist to a childhood classic.

Fabulous Welsh Rarebit breakfasts on Chive Pyclets, Dill Pyclets topped with smoked salmon and horseradish cream for smart lunches, mini Pyclet hors d'oeuvres with drinks, spinach and ricotta filled, baked Oatcakes with tomato sugo for supper.

Gluten free Pyclets anytime.

Actually all of them, anytime.

Because they freeze brilliantly and can be popped into the toaster straight from the freezer.

We've preserved the best traditions. Artisan production, additive free. Milk from the local farm, flour, yeast and a touch of salt. Oatcakes containing 50% oatmeal.

So our Pyclets and Oatcakes are mixed, plopped, flipped and packed the old fashioned way.

With love, by hand in Derby.

Because some things are worth not growing out of.

Our Team


Martin Reid

Born and raised in Derby, Martin dumped his Surveying career early to pursue a career in food. His first break came as a temp at Anbtonio and Priscilla Carluccio's original Neal Street Store, Covent Garden. Spells at Neal's Yard Dairy and Conran Restaurants followed, before spending five years living in Sydney and working for the fabulous Simon Johnson. A return to the UK translated into a return to surveying and regeneration projects in London before dumping the lot, returning home, and starting baking. Martin manages the Darley Abbey bakery, Wholesale and Mail Order


Mark Hughes

After a marketing degree at the University of Derby, Mark lived in London working in P.R. before setting up his own PR agency. Inherently creative, he began making pop-art that quickly proved a hit. He rode that wave until he got bored, and opened a coffee shop at Bamfords Auction House. Mark is theatrical and knows how to put on a song and dance. Talk to him about events and celebrations

Master Baker

John Campbell

Another local lad, John found his talent early, baking throughout his teens. A degree in Food Technology from Manchester followed, before returning home and joining the Pyclet Revolution as it's master baker